BJP Yuva Morcha leader and his associate arrested for hiring a woman to frame Muslim businessman in ‘love jihad’ case

BJP Yuva Morcha leader arrested for hiring a woman to frame Muslim: UP’s Kasganj police have arrested two people, including a BJP leader, for allegedly implicating a Muslim youth in a love jihad case. Police say that Aman Chauhan identifies himself as a BJP leader and is in Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. His partner’s name is Akash Solanki.

According to the police, a woman from Delhi has accused both the men of being hired to make false allegations of rape. She was asked to accuse Prince Qureshi of raping and forcibly converting her to marriage. When the woman gave this statement in the court, both the accused were arrested but then released on bail. Many leaders of Hindu organizations had reached the police station to rescue the accused. Whose video is viral on social media.

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A Delhi woman had earlier lodged a case against Muslim youth Prince Qureshi at Ganjdundwara police station in Kasganj. She had accused Qureshi of posing as Monu Gupta on Facebook, making a false promise to marry her and then raping her when she came to Ganjdundwara.

BJP Yuva Morcha leader arrested for hiring a woman to frame Muslim

According to sources, Akash Solanki, who was calling the woman ‘aunty’, was present with Chouhan when the FIR was lodged against Qureshi on July 15. The incident was given so much importance that even the leaders of Hindu organizations had gathered at the police station.

Later, in court, the woman testified that she was not raped. The woman told the court that Aman Chauhan and Akash Solanki had hatched a conspiracy to frame Prince Qureshi, a Muslim youth. After investigation, the police arrested the BJP leader and his accomplice and produced them in the court, where they were granted bail.

Aman Chauhan’s Facebook page describes him as District Vice President of BJP’s youth wing Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. There are pictures of Aman Chauhan with regional BJP leaders. BJP district president KP Singh said Chouhan was associated with the party but had already been expelled. He said the police were free to investigate.

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