BJP supporters trending ‘Boycott Qatar Airways’ in response to Gulf countries’ protests against Nupur Sharma

BJP supporters have been trending the hashtag boycott Qatar Airways on Twitter as Qatar protests against the hate campaign of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma against the Prophet.

Indian goods were removed from the shops in Qatar as well as other gulf countries. BJP supporters have been trending the hashtag #BycottQatarAirways on Twitter, urging people to boycott Qatar Airways to give it an economic crisis. It is noteworthy that this hashtag, which has been trended by millions, has been mistyped as Bycott instead of Boycott.

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Boycott Qatar Airways has become a top Twitter trend on Monday after so many people started tweeting their views under the hashtag.  Many netizens also requested other if they support Nupur Sharma then they should boycott the Doha-based airline.

Check out some of the tweets:

Boycott Qatar Airways

BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who is known for his controversial speeches, recently took part in a televised debate. Nupur Sharma’s comment has caused great controversy in the country. Nupur Sharma’s controversial speech spread rapidly on social media in the Arab world and caused a stir.

The governments of Kuwait, Qatar and Iran have strongly condemned the violence against Muslims in India and the BJP leader’s derogatory remarks. Arab people have been trending the hashtag Boycott India and Indian products on Twitter.

Strong protests in Qatar
The government of Qatar, one of the Arab countries in particular, has strongly condemned this. Following the visit of Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu to Qatar, the Government of Qatar has sought an explanation from the Indian Ambassador to that country. Due to this, the Vice President of Qatar did not attend the party with Venkaiah Naidu.

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