BJP offered huge amount to topple Congress government in Puducherry, Independent MLA’s big disclosure

Independent MLA from Mahe Assembly constituency of Union Territory of Puducherry, Dr.V. Ramachandran has revealed that he was offered a huge amount of money for the development of his constituency as well as personal support if he helped to topple the Congress government of Puducherry.


Speaking to news agency IANS, Independent MLA Dr.V. Ramachandran said that the BJP government at the Center has adopted all the tactics to topple the democratically elected government of Puducherry. According to Dr. V. Ramachandran, senior national leaders of BJP camped in Puducherry to lead this operation. He stated that he was personally offered huge funds along with the development of his constituency, but he categorically declined.

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He said that using money in this way is a curse for democracy, which is not acceptable. Sadly, the central leadership of the Congress did nothing to stop it and it is also a failure of the Congress party. He says that after being elected from Mahe he had high hopes to serve the people of his constituency, but the government did not have the support in development activities. He had openly expressed his displeasure over this. However, this does not mean that I will support the BJP-led front for some money.

Regarding the upcoming assembly elections, he said that in these elections the BJP will not be able to do as much as the ground support is required. However, the BJP is trying to ride on the backs of some powerful communities, in order to have success and govern the state, which according to me is not possible.

He further claimed, that the Vanniyars, with more than 30 per cent of the state’s population, are a powerful community, with strong Vanniyar leaders and are still with the Congress party. The BJP is trying its best to get the full support of the Vanniyars.

With this, Ramachandran said that, I have not yet decided whether I am contesting the next assembly election or not. The power game in Puducherry and the horse trading happening there has upset my mind.

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