BJP MP Subramanian Swamy demands prosecution by ED as Adani group shares fall by up to 25 percent

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has said that there should be a probe by the Enforcement Directorate against industrialist Gautam Adani in the case of Money Laundering Act. He taunted that before conducting the investigation, Modi should do a background check of the officers.

The MP took a jibe at Adani, calling Adani a trapeze artist. He said that such officers should be engaged in the investigation of Adani who are impartial and do not accept pressure. According to Swami, Adani is very smart and can even destroy evidence by colluding with officers. When a user asked Swamy whether the Adani Group had denied all the allegations, he said that they were only talking about money laundering. Advising the user, he said that do not change the goal post.

By the way, this is not the first time that a Rajya Sabha MP has attacked Adani. Even before this, he has been targeting him. In January this year, he had targeted Gautam Adani, saying that banks have an NPA of 4.5 lakh crore on Adani Group. He challenged them to correct him if he is wrong.

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Swamy said that Adani’s assets are doubling every two years since 2016, so why does he not repay the loans of the banks. Then he sarcastically said that as he has bought six airports, perhaps he must be thinking that soon he will also buy those banks on whose side his liability is made.

Earlier in March, Swamy had agitatedly attacked Gautam Adani when the industrialist had struck a deal with the Myanmar army. Swamy, while raising the issue of human rights, said that this close friend does not know this thing to PM Modi?

Subramanian Swamy

It is noteworthy that National Securities Depository Limited has frozen the accounts of Albula Investment Fund, Cresta Fund and APMS Investment Fund. This news does not bode well for Gautam Adani, India’s and Asia’s second-highest rich. These foreign funds hold shares worth more than Rs 43,500 crore in 4 companies of the Adani Group.

According to the NSDL website, these accounts were frozen on or before May 31. After this news, there is a huge decline in the companies of Adani Group in the Indian stock market. 5 out of 6 companies of Adani got lower circuit after this news. All three hold 6.82 per cent in Adani Enterprises, 8.03 per cent in Adani Transmission, 5.92 per cent in Adani Total Gas and 3.58 per cent in Adani Green.

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