BJP MLA Banshidhar Bhagat makes derogatory remarks on Hindu goddesses, says ‘Maa Durga ko patao…”

Veteran Uttrakhand BJP leader and former state minister Banshidhar Bhagat is often in the headlines for his controversial statements. Now once again there has been an uproar over a statement of Banshidhar Bhagat. In fact, on Saturday, a program was organized on International Girl Child Day in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. In this program, Banshidhar Bhagat used very objectionable remarks about goddess Saraswati and goddess Durga.

In this program, Banshidhar Bhagat said in his speech, “Today we are celebrating International Day for the Girl Child. God has also favored girls. For knowledge, ‘pataao’ Goddess Saraswati. For power, ‘pataao’ Goddess Durga & for wealth, ‘pataao’ Goddess Lakshmi. What does a man have? Lord Shiva lives in mountains, Lord Vishnu in deep ocean. Women empowerment prevails since long.”

Giving the speech, Banshidhar Bhagat did not stop here, he continued, “And, there is a Vishnu God, He is hidden in the depths of the ocean. Both do not even talk to each other. So, God has already done women empowerment.” While listening to this objectionable speech of Banshidhar Bhagat, the women and girls present in the program were surprised listening to his statement.

Let us tell you that Banshidhar Bhagat is counted among the veteran leaders of BJP and at present he is MLA from Kaladhungi assembly seat of Uttarakhand. This is not the first time that Banshidhar Bhagat has been embroiled in controversies over his statement. Even before this, there has been a political uproar over many of his statements.

Recently, Banshidhar Bhagat had said on the paper leak episode in Uttarakhand that the government is serious about the investigation of this matter, but before making any allegations, the Congress should understand that the one who has not committed a sin, he should throw the first stone.

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