“BJP leaders threatened to send me to jail”: Woman who accused her husband of conversion told Police

A different kind of case has come up in Kanpur regarding conversion. The woman, who filed an FIR against her husband alleging forced conversion, has turned hostile from her statement. The victim alleges that she had a love marriage with a Muslim youth and she has no objection to it.

She alleged that the BJP leaders of the locality forcibly threatened her to send her to jail. After this, by writing a Tahrir on her behalf, an FIR has been lodged against her husband at the Feelkhana police station. The woman has also recorded her statement before the police. Feelkhana police is now preparing for action against BJP leaders.

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Sapna Rajput, who lives near Tapeshwari Devi temple, told that she had married a Muslim man named Naushad. She has a flower shop in Birhana Road Tapeshwari Devi Temple. The BJP leaders of the area were aware of this. They got the thumb in the Tahrir by threatening to send me to jail under the conspiracy. After this, my husband Naushad was accused of forcibly getting a two and a half year old child circumcised. Now forcing me to convert to religion. They are harassing me in different ways for opposing this. The police have registered an FIR and informed me about it.

“Then I came to know that the BJP leaders have filed an FIR against my husband by misguiding me along with pressurizing me. While I have no complaint against my husband Naushad”, said the woman. Police is now preparing to take action against the BJP leaders after the woman’s Tahrir and reversing her statement the very next day.

The station in-charge told that Sapna Rajput, the woman who filed the FIR, told that I did not come to the police station myself, the BJP people had come to me. They threatened me that your husband is a Muslim, drive him away or else he will implicate you too. When BJP leader Pankaj Tiwari said this, I was scared. But I did not know that these people would trap my husband. Now, who will look after and feed my children? I knew my husband was a Muslim, my child was not circumcised.

Other BJP leaders including Pankaj Tiwari, Sanjay Mishra and Archana have forcibly lodged an FIR. I did not want an FIR to be registered. It has been seven years of marriage, I have two children from my first husband and one from Naushad. I have no complaints against my husband.

Police station in-charge Satish Chandra Sahu told that according to the victim woman Sapna Rajput, BJP leaders have lodged an FIR against her husband by threatening and misleading her. When the police called her separately the next day and interrogated her, the truth has come out. Since then, the BJP leaders who filed the FIR by bringing the woman with them are missing. Police commissioner has been informed in this regard. Now action will be taken against those who filed FIR by misleading them.

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