BJP leader’s son was forcing Ankita Bhandari into Prostitution, reveals viral What’s App chats

The story behind Ankita Bhandari Murder in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand is very sensational. Actually the son of the former BJP minister wanted to push Ankita into prostitution. For this, he was constantly pressurizing her. Police claim that the main accused Pulkit Arya and his accomplices Ankit and Saurabh Pushkar have confessed to the crime.

Police sources claim that the resort owner wanted to push 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari into the business of prostitution. According to Dainik Jagran’s report, the resort owner Pulkit wanted Ankita to please the customers visiting the resort. Make a relation with them. But she flatly refused to do so. There was also a dispute on 18 September regarding this matter. After which Pulkit pushed Ankita and dropped her in the Chila Shakti canal. Ankita has been missing since then. Her body has not been found yet.

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After this, all three returned to the resort. In the police investigation, CCTV showed that 4 people including Ankita came out of the resort on a scooty and a bike. But there were only 3 who returned late in the night. Ankita had not returned. Then it was understood that an accident had happened to Ankita. But the three accused first kept the police wandering here and there.

This is the full story of Ankita Bhandari Murder

On the evening of September 18, all four had left Pulkit’s resort on a bike and a scooty. After this, all reached AIIMS via barrage. After this Pulkit stayed in the dark and other people also stopped. Then all three drank alcohol and ate momos. After this Pulkit started talking to Ankita and tried to convince her. He was saying that Ankita defames us among her colleagues.

She tells others that she is pressurized to make relationships with customers. Ankita got angry about this. Ankita said that she will tell everyone the whole truth about the resort. Saying this in anger, Ankita snatched Pulkit’s mobile and threw it in the canal. After this Pulkit also started scuffling in anger and pushed Ankita and threw her into the canal. After this, all three returned to the resort from there.

There, when Chef Manveer asked where Ankita was, these people said that she had not even gone with them. The next morning it was claimed that both Ankita and Pulkit had gone to Haridwar. But after the constant questioning on social media, the police arrested the three accused but Ankita’s body is still being searched.

Ankita Bhandari viral chat

It’s important to know that Pulkit Arya is the son of BJP leader Vinod Arya. Vinod has been a minister of state. He is a member of the National Executive of BJP OBC Morcha and co-incharge of UP. Vinod Arya’s elder son Ankit Arya is a Minister of State with status and at present, he is the Deputy Chairman of the State Backward Commission.

For the past few days, people have been continuously posting on social media regarding this whole matter. Local journalists claimed that Ankita’s father was making rounds outside the police station. At the same time, when the accused Pulkit’s father came to the police station, he was given special tea by the police by making him sit with respect.

Ankita Bhandari Last Call and Chat: Ankita’s last call and a WhatsApp chat are also going viral on social media. Resort staff told the police that on the evening of September 18, Ankita was very upset and was crying while talking to an employee on the phone. According to the report, even on WhatsApp, Ankita had told one of her acquaintances about her troubles. In the chat, it is written that he tried to KISS her. The other asks who. Ankita replied “Pulkit”. From this chat and the last call, it is revealed that she was molested and due to this there is a possibility of murder.

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