BJP leader in Australia convicted for drugging and raping five Korean Women

Balesh Dhankhar, a person from the Indian community in Australia, has been found guilty of rape. Dhankhar was accused of first drugging and raping five Korean women in Sydney. According to local media reports, Balesh Dhankhar is a politically active person and trapped not one but five Korean women in the trap of his love and by getting them drunk, carried out heinous incidents like rape with them. The District Court in Downing Center convicted Dhankhar after hearing the entire case.

According to a report in the Sydney Herald newspaper, Balesh Dhankhar was the former president of Overseas Friends of the BJP in Australia. It was told in the media report that Dhankhar also recorded the incident of rape with Korean women through a hidden camera. In media reports, Balesh has been considered as the worst rapist in the history of Sydney.

On Monday, when the court delivered its verdict, Dhankhar was seen in tears. It was revealed that Dhankhar had allegedly deceived Korean women by falsely claiming that he had separated from his wife and was now single, in order to lure them into his trap. Surprisingly, when Dhankhar was convicted, his wife also wept and stood by him.

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It should be noted that in 2018, the police had discovered multiple videos that exposed Dhankhar’s relationships with several other women. Shockingly, in one such video, Dhankhar was seen raping an unconscious woman.