BJP leader found drunk in alcohol banned Gujarat, resigns after video goes viral

A video of a BJP leader from Gujarat allegedly getting drunk is going viral on social media. When the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party raised questions about this, the BJP leader had to resign. But after this incident, big questions have arisen regarding the system of ‘liquor ban’ in the state.

This whole matter is related to a video going viral of BJP District President of Chhota Udaipur. In this video BJP leader Rashmikant Vasava is clearly seen in a state of intoxication. His condition is such that he is walking with the help of two BJP workers.

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He had come here to attend a felicitation ceremony of Draupadi Murmu’s election as the President, when this video was made. Draupadi comes from the Murmu tribal community and this area of ​​Gujarat is a tribal-dominated area. BJP minister Nimisha Suthar was also present in this program.

BJP leader found drunk in dry state Gujarat

Liquor is banned in Gujarat. In such a situation, the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party raised many questions after the video of the BJP district president of Chhota Udaipur getting drunk. Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee President Jagdish Thakor has also shared a video of Rashmikant Vasava. Along with it is written – BJP district president of Chhota Udayapur, telling the reality of liquor in Gujarat, is this the liquor ban of the BJP government? Darubandi exists only on paper, because alcohol is found everywhere here.

After Rashmikant Vasava’s video went viral, he had to resign from the party. In his resignation, Vasava has written that BJP state president C.R. Patil asked to resign, so he is resigning from the party. However, after this video, questions have arisen once again regarding the reality of liquor ban in Gujarat.

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