BJP leader Babita Phogat faces protests by farmers in Charkhi Dadri village, black flag shown

Babita Phogat, BJP leader and chairperson of the Women’s Development Corporation, had to face a massive protest of farmers in village Birhi Kalan on Sunday morning. The farmers showed black flags to Babita Phogat led by Kanani Pradhan Rajkaran Pandwan. Farmers lay on the road and this led to the PCR running in front of Babita Phogat’s car stop.

A large number of accompanying police forces opened the way after a lot of hard work. Babita Phogat had to cancel her Birahi Kalan village program due to the protest and return to Dadri. Earlier, as soon as the farmers came to know about Babita Phogat’s arrival, they gathered at Birhi Kalan base.

Babita Phogat

Babita reached Tiwala under the shadow of the police. Meanwhile, the farmers also reached Tiwala. Upon getting the information of farmers arrival, Babita Phogat proceeded through the rough path towards Birahi village through Barsana. The convoy of the farmers and Babita Phogat met face-to-face at the Birhi base.

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When the police forcibly tried to remove the vehicle, the farmers lay down on the road and started shouting slogans showing black flags. The police personnel running along in a bus took the lead and handled the situation, took out Babita Phogat from there. The farmers say that all the Khapas in the area have declared boycott of BJP and JJP leaders and will not allow them to enter the village until the three laws are repealed. These people are touring to spoil the brotherhood, which will not be tolerated.

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