BJP is no longer a party but an election machine: Veteran BJP leader Arun Shourie

Former Union Minister and senior BJP leader Arun Shourie says that RSS leaders have now become a part of Modi’s army and the Sangh has become just a mask. Shourie says that BJP is no longer a party but an election machine which has RSS which other parties do not have. If the opposition unites then only they can BJP challenge BJP.

Shourie, who was a Union minister in former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government, said in an interview to the English newspaper The Indian Express that the BJP has no threat from inside as they have one resource which others do not have and that is the RSS cadre. The RSS is arguing that its agenda is being executed. The top leadership of RSS is now just a mask. The second rank leaders and cadres of the Sangh have been co-opted by Modi and are now part of his army. On the other hand, when it comes to opposition parties, it is difficult to challenge the BJP as it has become an election-winning machine. It will be possible to challenge the BJP only when the opposition is united.

Shourie was asked whether he felt the media was to blame for not raising the issue of majority insecurities and that is why the BJP’s strategy was working so well. To this he said that this is true. Nobody ever paid attention to the early activities of the RSS and our ignorance also contributed to what is happening today. We are surprised to see the situation today when they are doing what they said. RSS always says that they do what they say. But we never heard this from them. Besides, we never paid any attention to the people they are gathering.

Arun Shourie further said, “The RSS has been working since the 1940s to bring groups like sadhus with it. They are an influential group in the society, whom people listen to and their words have an impact on the lives of the people. At the same time, we have never tried to reach out to them and ensure that they do not become a medium for spreading the ideology of RSS. Because of our ignorance, it became easy for the RSS to have such people in its fold.”

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