BJP backstab Nitish Kumar, 6 JDU MLA in Arunachal Pradesh join BJP

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has given a jolt to Bihar Chief Minister and Janata Dal United (JDU) President Nitish Kumar. The BJP has fielded six out of seven JDU MLAs (MLAs) in Arunachal Pradesh where JDU was in the House as the main opposition and the government is of BJP. JDU reacted strongly to the incident and said it was inappropriate and non-friendly. Earlier in Nagaland too, the only JDU MLA was broken by the Chief Minister and included in his party.

BJP breaks six JDU MLAs in Arunachal

In Bihar, this is bad news for Chief Minister and JDU President Nitish Kumar of the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA). BJP has included six out of seven JDU MLAs in Arunachal Pradesh. The BJP did not even avoid sabotage in the NDA to strengthen itself.

NDA government of BJP and JDU alliance in Bihar

In Bihar, BJP and JDU alliance have NDA government. The Hindustani Awam Morcha and the developing Insan Party are also in alliance. In such a situation, this attitude of BJP is being discussed in Bihar. BJP has broken six JDU MLAs in Arunachal Pradesh when the National Working Committee and National Council are to meet in Patna two days later. Arunachal MLAs were to attend the meeting of the National Council to be held in Patna. The BJP did this work a day before the results of the panchayat and municipal elections.

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Talem Taboh elected as leader and joined BJP

The MLAs who have been demolished by the BJP include Taleem Taboh, Hyenga Mangfi, Jike Tako, Dorji Wangdi Khamma, Dongru Syongju and Kangang Taku. The JDU MLAs chose Taleem Taboh as their leader and wrote a letter to the BJP president of Arunachal Pradesh that they wanted to join the party. Earlier on 26 November this year, show cause notice was also issued to Sinyogju Khamma and Taku for anti-party activities.

JDU reduced to only one in the 60-member assembly

JDU contested 15 seats in the 2019 assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh, winning seven of them. The BJP had won 41 seats. JDU was the largest party in Arunachal after BJP. The BJP now has 48 members in the 60-member assembly. Whereas, JDU has been reduced to one.

Reacting to the incident, JDU national spokesperson KC Tyagi said that the BJP government was running smoothly in Arunachal Pradesh without breaking JDU. JDU was there as a constructive opposition. He has filed an objection calling the BJP’s move as “non-friendly” in Arunachal Pradesh. However, he also clarified that this development will not have any impact on the relationship between JDU and BJP in Bihar. The situation here is different.

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