Billionaire Mark Cuban lives an ordinary life with his family, teaches children ‘value of money’

An American man, who made it to the list of 400 billionaires of Forbes in the year 2020, treats his children like a middle class family. This might not be acceptable to everyone. But this is the truth. There is a special reason behind this and that is that this billionaire has no relation to the arrogance of money even far and wide. To keep his next generation away from all these things, he is instilling in the children good values ​​of a common man.

Mark Cuban is an American billionaire. He is an American billionaire entrepreneur, television personality, media proprietor and investment. His name is number 177 in the list of billionaires of Forbes. Cuban currently has $4.7 billion in assets.

American billionaire Mark Cuban and his family do not pretend to be rich. They take care of their children in such a way that they should not be proud of money. Kuban wants to give good values to his next generation like a common man. In such a situation, he also spends separate time with the children himself.

Mark Cuban is a major US investor and has invested in several startups through Shark Tank. His assets are about 47 billion dollars.

Their eldest daughter Alexis, 19, doesn’t spend holidays traveling the world or having fun. At the age of 16, she did an internship during the college holidays. Learned work, earned money, understood their value. Then started the job.

There is no servant in Mark’s house to look after the children. Together with the three children, the Cuban couple cooks their own dinner. Teach children household chores and cleaning. He also makes sure that his three children do some household chores throughout the day. They also do parties at home with family instead of in expensive hotels.

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