Bihar: Rift in BJP-JDU alliance, Nitish Kumar says- Couldn’t differentiate between friends and enemies

Amid speculation of major changes in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, Nitish Kumar himself has given a statement that has confirmed the estrangement between BJP and JDU.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that he had come to know during the assembly elections that it was being cheated but it was too late by now and he has also claimed that under the conspiracy, Most seats were defeated.

Nitish Kumar’s big statement amidst the estrangement with the BJP –

“We realized during the assembly elections that we have been deceived. We did not know who is friend and who is enemy. Who to trust, whom not. By the time we could understand, it was too late. Our government did such a good job but JDU was defeated in elections by propaganda and deception. “

Nitish Kumar’s statement not only shows the estrangement between BJP and JDU but is also pointing out that the present government is going to fall as soon as possible.

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Significantly, amid these speculations, all the leaders of RJD have started making statements to bring Nitish Kumar in their camp. At the same time, it has been proposed that Nitish Kumar should leave the BJP and make Tejashwi as the Chief Minister, prepare himself to do politics in Delhi.

According to the sources, the JDU leaders who questioned the BJP’s role for the defeat of them in the meeting include Lalan Paswan, Arun Manjhi Chandrika Rai, Bogo Singh, Asam Parveen and Jai Kumar Singh. These leaders said in the meeting that their defeat in the election was not due to the Lok Janshakti Party but to the BJP.

Janata Dal United candidate Bogo Singh, who lost the election from Matihani Assembly, said that the slogan of LJP BJP Bhai Bhai was being heard in the entire election. JDU suffered this loss.
He said that BJP is more responsible than LJP in defeating JDU. LJP does not exist. It worked under complete planning. BJP voters did not vote for me.
Party leaders continue to speak against BJP, Nitish listens silently.

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