Bihar Politics: What is BJP’s ‘Plan 200’, which forced Nitish Kumar to quit NDA, sensing fear to JDU

After nearly 5 years, Nitish Kumar has reverted once again after leaving the BJP-JDU alliance. One of the major reason Nitish left NDA is BJP’s ‘Plan 200’. In fact, the BJP had organized a two-day convention in Patna on July 30 and 31. In this, the party had announced the migration program for the 2025 assembly elections. Under this, party leaders will travel to 200 seats and there will be efforts to strengthen the BJP.

Bihar BJP co-in-charge Harish Dwivedi had also told about this plan. He said that party leaders will conduct migration programs in all 243 seats of the state in future. This preparation of the BJP was also seen as a warning to the JDU. In fact, the way the BJP has strengthened in Bihar in the last few years, it has become a senior partner by overtaking the junior partner compared to JDU. The BJP is also in a strong position in terms of social equations. In such a situation, it was a matter of concern for Nitish Kumar that his condition should not become like Uddhav Thackeray.

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The concern for JDU had increased in the 2020 assembly elections itself. Then BJP contested 121 seats and won 74 seats. On the other hand, JDU had won only 43 even after winning 122 seats. In this way, BJP had made a big lead over JDU and its effect was also visible in government formation. The BJP removed Sushil Modi from the post of Deputy CM, who was considered close to Nitish Kumar. Apart from this, the leaders who were elected are said to be close to Amit Shah and have often been giving statements against Nitish Kumar.

In such a situation, Nitish Kumar was probably worried that if the BJP prepares for 200 seats, then it will demand more seats in the elections. Not only this, if its number of seats increases, then it can also make JDU irrelevant. It is being said that this fear of Nitish has forced him to break away from the BJP so that he can retain his strength. However, it will not be easy for Nitish to strike a balance with RJD as well.

Recently, a statement of JP Nadda in the joint meeting of the National Fronts of BJP is also being blamed for the disintegration of the BJP-JDU alliance. JP Nadda had said that all parties will be destroyed, only BJP will survive. JDU took this statement of Nadda seriously. Before that when VIP MLAs were merged with BJP. From that time the distance between the two parties started increasing.

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