Bihar: BJP leader Rajiv Ranjan Tiwari’s dirty dance, video goes viral

The video of a BJP leader performing Lungi Dance in Gopalganj district of Bihar is becoming increasingly viral. In this video, BJP leader is seen dancing with a dancer. People are questioning the character of the BJP leader after watching this video. The BJP leader has described this video as old.

Video recorded in a wedding ceremony

It is being told that this video has been recorded at a wedding ceremony. The wedding took place in the last week of November. BJP leader also went to attend this wedding. There was also an arrangement for dancing and singing at the wedding. At the behest of some people, the BJP leader also climbs up the stage to dance. Netaji used his Lungi, who arrived in a kurta-pajama, to dance. He has wrapped the stitch in his waist in a lungi style.

Netaji broke the dignity in fulfilling the demands of the favorites

It is seen in the video that some people are asking to dance with Netaji. Netaji does not take any time in fulfilling their request. Rather, forgetting the dignity of being associated with a big political party and started doing dirty dance. ‘Ishq ke manjan ghise hai piya …’ he did not even think that many people were making videos of this entire incident while he was dancing on the song.

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Rajiv Ranjan Tiwari is the Mandal President of Vijaipur, danced at a nearby wedding

It is being told that Netaji, seen in the video, is the chairman of the Vijayipur division in Gopalganj district. This video is being reported on 24 November. Netaji’s name is Rajiv Ranjan Tiwari. He had gone to attend a marriage ceremony at the house of a person close to him in Babhnauli village.

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