Biggest ever protest against Putin: “Putin is a thief, Russia will be free”, with such posters people took to the streets demanding release of Navalny

Protests are taking place in 109 cities in a bitter winter in protest against the arrest of Alexei Navalny, the arch-rival of President Vladimir Putin. Police have arrested over 3500 protesters till Sunday. These include Navalny’s wife Yuliya Navalanya, spokesperson and lawyer. It is claimed that this is the biggest demonstration ever against Russia in Putin.

Putin has also taken a stern attitude towards this. Internet services were shut down in many cities to control protesters. In some areas, the mobile network itself was blocked. The police also lathi charged the protesters. People are being pulled into buses and trucks.

Protests continue

A large number of protesters have been opposing Putin by holding posters with slogans like ‘Russia will be free’ and ‘Putin is a thief’. People demand that Navalny be released as soon as possible. A report said that the temperature in some areas of Siberia has reached -51 degrees.

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People are opposing Putin even in this cold. Millions of people across the country are on the streets. In the capital Moscow alone, 70 thousand people are performing. At the same time, the action taken by the police has been condemned by the US and the European Union.

Reason of the protest

44-year-old Alexei Navalny is the man running the anti-corruption movement. He tried to contest the presidential election in 2018. But he was convicted on one charge and barred from contesting elections. He was undergoing treatment in Germany since Novichok poisoned on 20 August last year.

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Returning there, he was taken into custody by the police as soon as he landed at Moscow Airport on 17 January. Earlier, he released some videos. They accused Putin of possessing a royal palace, which also housed a casino with luxury items. At the same time, he is openly looting government treasury on women.

Claim: Putin looting government treasury on women; They also have a secret daughter

Putin is laundering government treasury on some women. These women include Putin’s girlfriend, his ex-wife, and his 17-year-old secret daughter Elizavetta. It is also known as Luiza. Luiza has made some revelations about her luxury life by posting some pictures on social media.

History of Poison: The chemistry made in the fourth generation program is 60 years old.

Novichok was built in the 1960s to 1970s. It was created through Follant, a program to develop Russia’s fourth-generation chemical poison. The world did not know about this nerve agent before 1990. Russian scientist Dr. Will Mirzanov has told about it in his book State Secrets.

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