Big blow to Modi, French judge to probe alleged corruption in Rafale deal: Report

The investigation in France has started on Rafale Deal. According to the Public Processing Service (PNF) of France, a judge has been appointed. The magistrate has started investigating on June 14. According to the French Media MediaPart, PNF has said that besides corruption in the deal, the charge of bias will also be examined.

NGO Sherpa working in France had filed a complaint for investigation in 2018, after which MediaPart had constantly reporting the report on this matter. However, PNF had dismissed the demand for investigation.

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7.8 billion euros (Rs 59,000 crore) was deployed for the purchase of Rafael Fighter Plane between France and India. During the investigation, there will be questions related to President Franca Hollande and Finance Minister Imanuel Macro (Current President). The deal was signed only in the tenure of these two.

The financial crimes branch of the French public prosecution services (PNF) has said that the investigationwill look into allegations of corruption and favouritism in the pact for 36 fighter planes between the Indian government and French aircraft manufacturer Dassault.

The development came following a series of investigations done by Mediapart and a subsequent complaint filed by the French NGO Sherpa. A similar complaint filed earlier by Sherpa was rejected by the PNF in 2018.

France’s Air Force Chief and Dassault Aviation have refused to give their comment on this matter. The company has now denied any corruption in the deal. The company says that even before that there has been a deal of aircraft with many countries.

Rahul Gandhi had alleged a scam of 21 thousand crore scams
Congress has come to charge corruption in Rafale Deal. Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala claimed a few months ago that corruption of Rs 21,075 crore has been done in the Rafale deal between the Government of India and Dassault Aviation (Rafale Making French Company). After a while ago, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had targeted the Modi government. Rahul wrote, ‘Dear students, the Prime Minister says that we should answer every question without a scary or nervous. Tell him to answer my 3 questions without even fear and nervousness. ‘ After this he had asked three questions from the Prime Minister.

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