‘ Bharat Mata had to hang her head in shame’: Subramanian Swamy mocks Modi govt over Indian embassies response to Arab countries

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has made sharp attacks on the Modi government on the Nupur Sharma row. Swamy said that the Modi government has completely bowed down in front of the Gulf countries. The BJP leader did not stop here, he also exposed the shortcomings of relations with Russia, US, and even China.

Swami made several tweets in a sequential manner. Mocking the statement of the Indian ambassador, Swamy tweeted- “During Modi govt’s 8 years, Bharat Mata had to hang her head in shame because we crawled before the Chinese on Ladakh, knelt before the Russians, meowed before the Americans in QUAD. But we did shastangam dandawat before the tiny Qatar. That was depravity of our foreign policy.”

In another tweet, Swamy also attacked India’s economic ties with Qatar. He also told about several stakes. He said- “What’s new about a stake of Qatar in the Mumbai airport? Recent developments show that Qatar already has a stake in the North and South Block in New Delhi. In fact a branch of NSA operates out of Doha. Qatar aircrafts were used in the aborted kidnap of a Gujarati offender.”

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In fact, during a TV debate, Nupur Sharma had made a derogatory remark about Prophet Mohammad, a bandh was called in Kanpur and during this time violence erupted. Meanwhile, voices of protest started rising from the Gulf countries regarding these statements.

Qatar, Kuwait and Iran summoned the Indian ambassadors. Meanwhile, BJP first issued a statement that it respects all religions, then suspended Nupur Sharma from the party. Along with this, Delhi Media Head Naveen Jindal was also terminated.

However, even after this the matter has not settled down. The Gulf countries have also been heard on this matter by the Government of India. Now it is being demanded that legal action should be taken against Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal. On the other hand, Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal have pleaded for protection from the police, threatening their lives. Both say that they are being threatened with death on social media.

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