‘Bhand Sonu Nigam’: The singer faces fresh attack from right-wing for taking stand on meat ban during ‘Navratri’

Bhand Sonu Nigam: Popular Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, who has been in the news for opposing Azaan on loudspeaker, is once again surrounded by a new controversy. However, this time the root of the dispute is different and the people who were supporting Sonu Nigam in the Azaan row, are now attacking him on social media. Actually a video of Sonu Nigam is going viral on social media. In the video, Sonu Nigam is seen giving an interview to a news channel in which he is talking about Navratri meat ban and being a bhakt.

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In the video that is going viral, Sonu Nigam says, “I am not a bhakt, who chants Jai Shri Ram. I am also against the fact that why should a meat shop be forcibly shut down just because we are celebrating Navratri. I say it publicly that this is wrong. The man, who is selling mutton, doesn’t believe in your religion. How can you close his shop?”

Only this part of Sonu Nigam is being shown in the video. On the basis of this clip people from right-wing are attacking him on social media. The singer is facing this brutal trolling for his statement on meat ban during Navratras. They are also targetting him for his ‘ bhakt’ and ‘Jai Shri Ram’ remarks. Not only this, ‘Bhand Sonu Nigam’ (#BhandSonuNigam) hashtag is also being used against Sonu Nigam. However, there are many people who are also speaking in favor of Sonu Nigam and are seen defending his statement.

Regarding the latest statement of Sonu Nigam, a user said, “The way you present something is more important than what you’re presenting!!one must use refined language on such platforms…there could have been a subtle way to say this.
If chanting JAI SHREE RAM makes one a “BHAKT” I think I’m a part of that throng.#BhandSonuNigam”

Right wing attacks Sonu Nigam with hashtag Bhand Sonu Nigam

At the same time, another user said, “This #BhandSonuNigam don’t have problem with UAE and its religious laws but he does have a problem with meat ban during the Navratri.”

Right wing attacks Sonu Nigam with hashtag Bhand Sonu Nigam

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Right wing attacks Sonu Nigam with hashtag Bhand Sonu Nigam

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