Bedroom video of Maharashtra BJP leader with woman goes viral, resigns from post

Maharashtra BJP leader: A video of a BJP leader in Solapur, Maharashtra is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video BJP leader is seen in bedroom with a woman. The video is from a house or hotel room. The woman is accusing him of cheating. Then, the BJP leader snatches the camera from the woman. It is being told that the person seen in the video is Shrikant Deshmukh, President of Solapur District Executive of BJP.

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Shrikant Deshmukh has resigned from his post after the video went viral. He has submitted his resignation to the state president. However, he has not given any reason behind it. A few days before this video went viral, Shrikant Deshmukh had filed a case of honeytrap against a woman. According to the complaint, the woman is demanding Rs 2 crore by blackmailing him.

The woman herself made the video viral
The woman herself has made this video viral. She herself made the video in the bedroom. In this, Shrikant Deshmukh is seen wearing a vest. The woman makes serious allegations pointing towards the BJP leader. She says he has framed me. This is Shrikant Deshmukh, who is having an affair with me even after his wife. After this, Shrikant Deshmukh snatches the camera from the woman. This video has been shared on the Twitter handle of RJD Maharashtra. It has been written that only women working in BJP are falling prey to BJP demons.

Bedroom video of Maharashtra BJP leader with woman goes viral

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