Bangladesh government cancels Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi’s show to save foreign exchange reserves

There is another bad news for actress and dancer Nora Fatehi. The Bangladesh government has canceled Nora’s dance show. According to the government, it has taken such a step with the aim of saving dollars. Actually, Nora Fatehi was about to attend the ‘Women Leadership Cooperation’ program organized in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and she was to give a dance performance there. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh has also issued a detailed statement on this issue.

Referring to the global economic situation, the ministry has written in its statement that Nora Fatehi has not been allowed to do show for the purpose of maintaining the global situation and foreign exchange reserves of the country. The ministry further said that Nora’s show has been canceled in view of this decision, citing strictness on payment of dollars by the country’s central bank.

Let us tell you that Bangladesh is facing a challenge on the economic front these days. According to a BBC report, the country’s foreign exchange reserves have fallen to just $ 36.33 billion, from $ 46.13 billion till last year.

Let us tell you that Nora Fatehi is in discussion these days regarding her alleged relationship with thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Enforcement Directorate i.e. ED is investigating this matter and had also questioned Nora Fatehi in the past. In which Nora claimed that she had never met Sukesh, but only had a conversation on WhatsApp.

Talking about Nora Fatehi’s work front, she is judging ‘Dance Deewane Junior’ these days. Videos of the show keep coming on social media, in which Nora can be seen performing with the contestants or even with the guest on the show at times. Apart from this, Nora is also seen in the Hindi remake of the famous song ‘Manike’ from the Siddharth Malhotra starrer film ‘Thank God’. This song is on the internet these days.

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