Bajrang Punia joins Neeraj Chopra to call out right-wing for their hatred against Arshad Nadeem

Neeraj Chopra, the only Indian athlete to win a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, is being dragged into controversies. Many right wing people on social media are presenting the incident of Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem taking Chopra’s javelin to further their propaganda. Chopra has appealed to the people not to run their ‘agenda’. After this entire incident, bronze medalist wrestler Bajrang Punia has come out in support of Neeraj.

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Actually, Neeraj Chopra told during an interview that he did not get his javelin before his 1st throw in the finals. Later he saw that Pakistani rival Arshad Nadeem was practicing from the same javelin. After taking the javelin from Arshad Nadeem, Neeraj Chopra created history in the finals and placed the gold medal in India’s bag. Since then, Pakistani athlete is being trolled fiercely on social media. Many people from right wing are calling Nadeem a thief. Responding to this whole incident, Neeraj Chopra has expressed surprise. He said through a video message on Twitter that

“I would request everyone to please do not use me and my comments for your vested interests and as a medium of propaganda. Sports teach us to be together and be one. I am extremely disappointed to see some of the public’s reactions to my recent remarks.”

Neeraj Chopra told that whatever happened during the match happened according to the rules and it is a rule that any athlete can practice from fellow athlete’s javelin.

Bajrang Punia came out in support

After this controversy, Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia, who won bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics, came in support of Neeraj Chopra and said,

“Whether the athlete is from Pakistan or any other country, he represents his country. He is a player first. So it is not that we will say anything against that person because he is from Pakistan. Athletes should be respected”

Rio Olympics bronze medalist wrestler Sakshi Malik has come out in support of Neeraj Chopra, saying, “I completely do not accept athletes being dragged into controversies or being used for political reasons and spreading hatred. And we get caught up in bizarre controversies. Like Neeraj is deeply affected by what happened, and just thinking that a very small unreferenced comment has created such a huge controversy.”

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