Bajrang Dal members burnt copy of Kamasutra in Ahmedabad bookstall for showing Hindu deities in ‘vulgar’ positions

A case of burning of a book named ‘Kamasutra’ by members of Bajrang Dal has come to light in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. Where Bajrang Dal activists have burnt a copy of Kamasutra outside a book shop saying that the book is insulting Hindu deities by showing them in ‘obscene form’. Not only this, the members of Bajrang Dal also threatened the shop owner that if the sale of the book continued, then the next time the entire shop would also be burnt with fire.

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Actually, this case is about a shop named Latitude Book on SG Highway in Ahmedabad district. Where the convener of Ahmedabad Bajrang Dal cell, Javlit Mehta, alleges that in the name of ‘Kamasutra’, pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses have been misused in this book. Along with this, a video was also made with the book by the convener of Bajrang Dal, Jawlit Mehta. In this, the book sellers have also been threatened that this time the book has been burnt outside the shop, if the sale of this book continues, then all the books kept inside along with the shop will be destroyed.

Acharya Vatsyayan composed the Kamasutra

Let us tell you that the composition of ‘Kamasutra’ is a text composed by Acharya Vatsyayan. Along with the rare sex paintings of Rajasthan, the craftsmanship of Khajuraho, Konark etc. is also inspired from the Kamasutra itself. It is believed that Vatsyayana composed the Kamasutra for the maintenance of the householder’s life with the help of celibacy and ultimate samadhi. Today this text has been translated into many languages ​​around the world.

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