Bajrang Dal issues memorandum against Kareena Kapoor with her bikini pics for her role as Sita

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is in controversy these days. There is controversy regarding the role of Sita in her upcoming movie ‘Sita’. With this, Kareena is seen embroiled in controversies. The film has not even released yet and is being opposed by right wing groups. In fact, a few days ago news came out that Kareena Kapoor might play the role of Sita Mata in the mythological film ‘Sita’ and she has demanded a ‘big amount’ for this. People had objected to the high fees for the role of Sita and for doing this role of the actress. But now the controversy has reached the memorandum. In Nagpur, Bajrang Dal workers have submitted a memorandum against the actress to the district officer.

Giving a memorandum to the DM, Bajrang Dal has given a stern warning and said that if this film is made then it will be strongly opposed. Along with the memorandum, they have also included Kareena Kapoor’s photos in bikini and her Ajmer Dargah visit.

A party worker while talking to the media said that, ‘Bollywood films are being made again and again on the Hindu society. They made ‘Tandav’, in which Kareena Kapoor’s husband was starred. Now, ‘Sita’ is coming, which stars Kareena Kapoor Khan. Why do these people of Muslim society play our Hindu characters again and again? This causes damage to our society. These are people of jihadi mentality, who abuse the people of Hindu society. Today they will earn crores of rupees through us. We strongly oppose this film. If this film is made then there will be strong opposition to it. Today we have submitted this memorandum before the district officer.

Even before this, Kareena Kapoor Khan has been trolled on social media. Users had said that Kareena is not fit for this sacred role, a Hindu actress should get this role in her place. Along with this, the hashtag #BoycottKareenaKhan was also trending against her on social media.

People don’t mind only Kareena playing this character. Rather, she also became the reason for trolling by taking hefty fees for the film. It was reported that Kareena has demanded around 12 crores for this character while she charges six to eight crores for her films. After these news went viral, people started trolling her on social media.

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