Bajrang Dal attack on Bobby Deol’s Ashram-3 set in MP, Ink thrown at director Prakash Jha

Film producer Prakash Jha was assaulted by Bajrang Dal workers during the shooting of web series Ashram-3 in Bhopal. They threw ink at him. The shooting was going on in the old jail (Arera Hills). The Bajrang Dal workers chased and beat the employees of the web series team inside the jail premises. 5 vehicles including vanity van vandalized. 4 to 5 employees got hurt in the attack. Some media persons were also assaulted. After getting information about the incident, the police reached the spot and dispersed the workers.

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In this entire matter, Prakash Jha has refused to complain to the police. He did not even appear in front of the media. The protesting Bajrang Dal members accused Jha of defaming Hinduism through the Ashram-3 web series. Bajrang Dal members threatened that they will have to change the name of the film, otherwise the shooting will not be allowed in Bhopal. Web series actor Bobby Deol was also present during the incident.

Shooting was going on in the old jail of the web series Ashram-3 at 6 pm on Sunday. Meanwhile, around 300 hundred Bajrang Dal workers, shouting slogans, entered the jail premises. They started making a fuss. They called Prakash Jha to talk. In the meantime, the furious activists had a scuffle with Jha. He was somehow separated from the workers by the security personnel. After this, the Bajrang Dal workers involved in the protest started vandalizing the vanity vans, cars, goods kept in the truck, machinery parked in the premises. When the staff of the film team protested, they were chased and beaten. The police is talking of taking preventive action in the matter.

After the incident, a large number of police forces reached the old jail. Police officers met Bobby Deol, Prakash Jha and inquired about the incident. However, Jha refused to complain to the police. Later he said let’s see. DIG Irshad Wali said that till now no complaint has been received from Jha’s side. Strict action is being taken against the rioters. The police have come to know some names of those who created a ruckus. Will be arrested soon.

During the attack, there was chaos in the jail. To avoid protest, Bobby Deol, Prakash Jha sat in the vanity van. The vanity van was taken under security cover by the police. The police was not allowing anyone near the van. Along with this, Rajveer, an employee injured in the attack, said that the attack during the shooting was wrong. This brings disrepute to the state. No one will come to Madhya Pradesh to shoot further.

Bajrang Dal’s provincial convener Sushil warned that Jha would have to change the name of the film. Talked to him after the protest. He has promised to change the name. If the name of the film is not changed then the shooting will not be allowed. Not only this, the film will not even be allowed to release. Jha is defaming religion. Ashram tradition is our identity. If any crime has happened in any ashram, then they should make a film in its name. Do not defame all ashrams.

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