Ayyashi in MP’s largest hospital Mortuary: Hospital employees found with girls in objectionable condition in hospital’s mortuary

A case has emerged from Madhya Pradesh, which everyone is stunned to hear. In fact, some employees of Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital in Indore were found in an objectionable position on Tuesday night in the mortuary with the girls.

The incident was revealed when some people arrived in a mortuary room to keep the corpse. Here they found many boys and girls in half-finished clothes. In such a situation, while taking them out of the room, they took pictures with the girls of the employees and made them viral on social media.


It is being told that when the men who went to keep the bodies interrupted the boys and girls, they asked who are to you to ask this. Do you go from here or not. After these pictures went viral, the hospital administration swung into action and dismissed the accused employees from their jobs.

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Surprisingly, before the pictures of this incident went viral, neither the management nor any employee knew about it. Please tell that Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital has given the contract of maintenance of the dead house to a private company. After this incident, the hospital’s Superintendent PS Thakur fired the employees for carrying out the offensive. Also, notice has been issued to the company seeking a reply.

At the same time, the people who made photos viral say that only the employees of the company used to bring the girls to the dead house at night. Due to being a dead house, no one comes here. So these people have made this place the base of sex racket.

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