Authorities in Bahrain shut down Indian Restaurant for denying entry to hijab wearing woman: Reports

Bahrain shut down Indian Restaurant: An Indian restaurant in Bahrain’s Adliya has been shut down by authorities after a veiled woman was allegedly stopped from entering the facility, Gulf Daily News reported. Reports suggest that the duty manager is an Indian, who has been suspended post the incident.

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The restaurant released a statement on Instagram: “We have suspended the duty manager based on our investigation. We have been serving our customers from all nationalities living in this beautiful Kingdom for over 35 years now. Ours is a place for everyone to come and enjoy with their families and feel at home. In this instance, a mistake has been made by a manager who has been suspended and this doesn’t represent who we are,” the restaurant said.

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority has begun an investigation into the matter. The alleged incident took place at the Lanterns restaurant, located in the Adliya area of Bahrain’s capital Manama.

The incident comes amid the ongoing hijab ban in the south Indian state of Karnataka. The Karnataka high court has upheld the state government’s ban on hijab inside educational institutions and said ‘hijab is not essential to Islamic practice.’

For several weeks in February, Hindu students and mobs of men protested against Muslim women wearing hijabs to schools and pre-university colleges in the state. At some colleges, Muslim students were heckled, while in another case, some men climbed up a flagpole to plant a saffron flag and broke into classrooms.

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