Author Ashish Kaul Slams Kangana Ranaut For Stealing His Story ‘Didda-Kashmir Ki Yodha Rani’, sends legal notice

The book ‘Didda: Warrior Queen of Kashmir’ by the author Ashish Kaul is very much in discussion these days. The reason for this is Kangana Ranaut. In fact, recently Kangana Ranaut had announced to bring the story of Didda to the audience on the lines of this book. Ashish Kaul has slammed Kangana for stealing his story. Meanwhile, now Ashish has also sent a legal notice to the actress in this case. In this notice, Kangana has been asked to give her reply within 72 hours. If Kangana does not do this, then Ashish will take the next step.

He approached Kangana to write the Hindi version of his book ‘Didda: The Warrior Queen of Kashmir’. He had told in one of his interviews that I had emailed Kangana on September 11, 2020, which is looked after by her sister Rangoli. In the mail, she asked Kangana to write the book further. In the mail, he sent the full story of Rani by writing and asked her to write further. Ashish is yet to receive the response to that mail and before this Kangana announced the film.

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Legal notice sent to Kangana Ranaut

Ashish is very angry with Kangana’s move. According to the Times of India report, the notice has been sent to Kangana by Ashish’s lawyer that our clients want to know whether Didda’s character in the proposed film is not the same as the character written in his book. Kangana Ranaut and Kamal Kumar Jain have issued a public statement alleging that the proposed film is not based on his book. Didda’s identity, which was revealed by Kangana Ranaut to promote the film, is similar to the book.

Along with this, it has been further written in the notice that ever since Ashish has accused Kangana of copyright infringement, the fans of the actress have been trolling and abusing him on social media. Due to this, he is going through mental anguish.

Earlier Ashish had said that I would call it an intellectual theft. Kangana can also claim that Didda is a historical figure, which is true except for the fact that no historian in the world, other than Kalhan, who has written just two pages on it. And me, who has spent six years on research and documentation, who is aware of history. Kangana, who claims, is fighting for her rights, is not openly violating the rights of writers like me. I do not understand anything, what should I say to you?

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