“Don’t act like spokesperson of political party”: Former MP Pappu Yadav shuts down Arnab Goswami in live TV debate

Arnab Goswami got rattled during a live TV debate on Republic bharat’s debate show ‘Puchhta Hai Bharat‘ when Pappu Yadav, the head of the Jan Adhikar Party and former MP, slammed the Election Commission and the central government saying that, there should be a case filed against the Election Commission of India under the sedition law for conducting the assembly elections in eight phases in West Bengal. Along with this, Pappu Yadav surprised everyone by advising the founder of Republic TV not to act as a special party spokesperson.

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During the live TV debate, Yadav said, “There should be a sedition case against the Election Commission of India.” Why did they (in Bengal) conduct elections in eight phases? Millions of people are gathering at these election rallies (in Bengal). ” Annoyed by Yadav’s attack on the Election Commission, Arnab Goswami asked, “Are you saying that the Election Commission should face trial under the Treason Act?” To this Yadav said, “Absolutely, a treason case should be filed (against the Election Commission). Each election rally is drawing crowds of one lakh people. ”

Arnab Goswami

On hearing Pappu Yadav’s talk, Arnab Goswami started saying that its wrong, lie. You are lying. You are talking wrong things, why should I let you speak? Tell me what you have done till date? What has Pappu Yadav done till date? Are you saying that the Election Commission should be prosecuted for treason? Pay a little attention to your words, Pappu ji. You are crossing the Lakshman Rekha.

Watch after 28 minutes:

On this Pappu Yadav says- Listen to me, let me speak. He (Narendra Modi) dumped the lives of 130 crore people. They should be prosecuted at all. After this, Goswami said, “You calm down, don’t shout.” You are not giving any speech at any rally of your party. ” To this Yadav said, “You too should not work as a spokesperson for any particular party (BJP).”

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