At the age of 51, Manoj Tiwari became father for third time, welcomes daughter ‘Saraswati’

Delhi BJP MP and Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari has informed on Twitter that his wife has given birth to a daughter. Giving this information, Tiwari shared a selfie with his wife. In the picture, Manoj Tiwari’s wife Surabhi is lying on a hospital bed. After this news came to the fore, people started congratulating him on social media.

Manoj Tiwari tweeted, “It is with great pleasure that I inform that Saraswati has arrived in my house after Lakshmi.. Today a lovely daughter was born in the house… May all of you bless her…”. People have congratulated BJP MP on this.

Earlier, Manoj Tiwari shared the video of baby shower on Instagram, after which people trolled him a lot on social media. He was also trolled for his statements on population control and demand for law.

For information, let us tell you that recently Manoj Tiwari had reached a news channel for an interview along with BJP MP Ravi Kishan, where the question of having more than two children was asked, to which Ravi Kishan said, “It is the fault of the Congress government that they did not control the population. They did not bring laws to control the population, if they had made a law then we too would not have had more than two children.”

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Surbhi is the second wife of Manoj Tiwari. Earlier, his relationship with his first wife Rani did not last long and both of them got divorced. Rani and Manoj also have a daughter, Rithi Tiwari. In the year 2020, Manoj Tiwari married Surbhi and at the end of this year a daughter was born in their house.