“Arrogance of power has gone to your head”: RSS leader targets Narendra Singh Tomar over farmers’ protest

Senior RSS Leader Raghunandan Sharma has targeted Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar over the Union Agriculture Laws. Taking a dig at Narendra Singh Tomar, he wrote in his Facebook post, “The arrogance of power has hit his head.” Raghunandan Sharma, a former Rajya Sabha member from Madhya Pradesh, suggested to the Agriculture Minister in his Facebook post written two days ago that he should work towards strengthening nationalism.

Narendra Singh Tomar

He wrote in his Facebook post, “Dear Narendra ji, you are an ally and partner in the government. Till the formation of today’s nationalist government, thousands of nationalists have sacrificed their lives and youth. For the last 100 years, the young men have given their sacrifice, dedication and hard work to the motherland. The service and national interest of the people are engaged in the expansion of the ideology of paramountcy. The powers of power that you have today are the fruits of your hard work, this is your illusion. “

Facebook screenshot

“When the item of power ascends, it does not look like a river, a mountain or a tree, it is invisible, as it has just climbed on your head. Why are we missing the rare public opinion received? To apply all the rotten policies of the Congress, it is not in the interest of ideology.

Narendra Singh Tomar

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Drop by drop the pot is empty, the same goes with public opinion. “Sharma further wrote,” Your thinking may be in the interest of the farmers, but no one wants to let themselves be benefited, what is the rationale of goodness? You put constitutional power in strengthening nationalism, we should not regret it later. I hope you have understood the signs of securing the future of ideology. “

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