‘Arrest toh unka baap bhi nahi kar sakta’, Ramdev dares govt to arrest him in viral video

Patanjali’s Ramdev Baba is in the news nowadays for his statements on allopathic medicines in treatment of Covid-19. On Wednesday, a video of Ramdev went viral on social media, in which he appears to challenge the authorities to arrest him. Earlier in the day, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding immediate treason accusations against Yog guru Ramdev for challenging the government’s protocol for treatment of Covid-19 and for carrying out an allegedly misleading campaign on vaccination. A case should be registered under NSA.

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Ramdev in viral video

In the 40 second video, Swami Ramdev is seen saying, “Khair arrest to unka koi baap bhi nahi har sakta Swami Ramdev ko…lekin ek shor macha rahey hain…ki arrest Swami Ramdev…kabhi kuch chala detey hai….ki arrest Ramdev…Thug Ramdev…Kabi maha thug Ramdev…Kabi giraftaar Ramdev…chalate rahe hai..chalane do (’No one ..in fact no one’s father can arrest Swami Ramdev…but they are making noise… arrest Ramdev, Thug (con) Ramdev…They are following trends …let them)”

It all started with a video, where Ramdev was seen calling allopathy a ‘stupid science’ and alleging that thousands of doctors had died despite taking the vaccine to prevent Covid-19 infection. He later retracted those comments following the IMA and Union health minister’s objections.

After the intervention of the Union Minister, the way the statements are coming face to face from both the sides, the controversy seems to be on the rise. The matter has become very hot in social media. In a social media post on Tuesday, Acharya Balakrishna had made a strong comment on a national official of IMA regarding Christianity convert.

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