Around 5,000 Russian “contract” soldiers mutinied and refused to go to fight against Ukraine

About 5,000 Russian “contract” soldiers, who were hastily gathered to be sent to Ukraine, refused to go to fight for Putin on the territory of Ukraine.

The rebel contract soldiers justify their refusal to take part in hostilities in Ukraine by saying that it is not provided in their contracts.

At the same time, according to news reports, in Russia’s Belgorod 5,000 soldiers staged a riot and refused to go to fight with Ukraine The report is coming from Obozrevatel and local media. The report says also says that Russian soldiers are really shocked by the professionalism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the huge losses in equipment and manpower that Ukrainian soldiers have already inflicted on the Russian Armed Forces and other security forces that Russia has sent to Ukraine.

Even though the official military-political leadership of Russia states that Russia has not suffered any losses in Ukraine and that no Russian soldiers have died on Ukrainian soil, despite the fact that Russia has blocked as much as possible any real evidence that what is happening in Ukraine. And the same contract soldiers learn that in just three incomplete days of hostilities in Ukraine, more than 3.5 thousand soldiers have died, destroyed a huge number of aircraft and military equipment, including tanks.

And the fact that Russian armored vehicles proved to be defenseless not only before the Armed Forces, but also against ordinary Ukrainians who began to burn the armored personnel carriers of the Russian military with Molotov cocktails, does not add optimism to the Russians contact soldiers.

More and more Western countries are transferring weapons, shells and modern weapons to the Ukrainian army. According to government officials, military assistance is already coming to Ukraine to help the Armed Forces clear the land of occupiers even more effectively.

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