Arnab Goswami left red-faced after fake claims of ISI agents staying on 5th floor of a two-storey Kabul hotel

Pro Modi govt. anchor Arnab Goswami was once again left red-faced when his “intelligence” regarding Pakistan Army’s alleged presence in Afghanistan’s Panjshir valley backfired.

Arnab Goswami, the brightest star of the Godi Media, although he has lost his former luster after being put in jail by the government of Uddhav Thackeray, but it is not in his nature to give up the habit!

In an episode on the show “The Debate”, aired on September 15, Goswami made the faux pas when he claimed that Pakistan Army officers were staying on the fifth floor of the luxury Serena Hotel in Kabul — apparently to support the Taliban in their fight against resistance fighters in Panjshir.

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One of the panelists on the show, PTI spokesperson Abdul Samad Yakoob from Pakistan, did ask Goswami about his sources. Goswami, as is his wont, didn’t take kindly to being challenged. He said, “You go and check today…on the fifth floor of the Serena hotel, I am telling you, please check, fifth floor of the Serena hotel in Kabul, how many Pakistani army officers are there?”

However, a day later, Yaqoob returned to the show and responded to the claims, saying, “What I got to know from my sources [is that] Serena has only two floors. There are no third, fourth or fifth floors.”

What followed was a sheepish look on the firebrand anchor’s face underneath a forced laughter.

Shortly after, Twitter users from shared countless memes, laughing off the absurd claims.

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