‘Are u really a poet? Shame on u’: Manoj Muntashir slammed for twisting Tulsidas’ couplet on Lord Ram

Manoj Muntashir slammed for twisting Tulsidas’: Lyricist Manoj Muntashir, who has written many hit songs, often gets into controversies due to his statements. Manoj is very active on social media and constantly posts something or the other. Manoj, who is considered to be of right-wing views, has tweeted while rhyming in a couplet of poet Tulsidas written on Lord Shri Ram. Which people have not liked at all, and people have told them a lot about this.

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Manoj tweeted, “The following post is not mine, I heard it somewhere, thought you should listen too. Enough happened, “Thumak Chalat Ramchandra Bajat Paijaniya(when Lord Ramchandra walks, his (Lord Ram’s) foot jewelry makes sound)”. Now it should be, “Dhamak Chalat Rambhakt Phatat Paizmiya(when devotees of Lord Ram walk with attitude, their (Ram devotees’) pajamas burst.)”

The lines shared by Manoj Muntashir are from a poem written by Goswami Tulsidas on the childhood of Lord Ram. In which he mentions the walking of little Lord Ram, the sound of his foot jewelry and this creates a happy atmosphere. At the same time, the change that Manoj has made while showing creativity, means that when Ram devotees walk, their pajamas(paint) burst.

Many people have reacted to these lines written by Manoj Muntashir on Twitter and have targeted him fiercely. Suggesting Manoj Muntashir, the famous writer Rahul Pandita wrote, “Sorry Manoj, mentally retarded people tear down pyjamas, not Ram devotees. At a time when a few goons are openly threatening to rape daughters-in-law of another community in the name of Ram, we should avoid such absurd creativity.”

Manoj Muntashir slammed for twisting Tulsidas’

Journalist Nishtha Gautam writes, “What has happened to you, @manojmuntashir? First Azad and now Sri Ram, why are you superimposing your own twisted thoughts over revered historical & mythological figures? There’s hardly any evidence that they would have condoned such ideas. Don’t hurry to a point of no return.”

Manoj Muntashir slammed for twisting Tulsidas’

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Manoj Muntashir slammed for twisting Tulsidas’

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