Are equations going to change in Maharashtra? Shinde and Uddhav to meet in two days, Shiv Sena leader’s tweet increased political stir

New political equations have arisen in the state after Uddhav Thackeray’s support to NDA’s presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu. This is being seen as a growing closeness between Eknath Shinde and Uddhav Thackeray. It is believed that Shinde and Uddhav Thackeray may unite and Shiv Sena may go with the BJP.

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However, only the future will tell whether this equation will feed new flowers. But a tweet by a Shiv Sena leader has further cemented these speculations. Actually, Shiv Sena leader Deepali Syed has tweeted about the meeting between Eknath Shinde and Uddhav Thackeray.

Uddhav and Shinde will meet in two days!

A tweet by Shivsena leader Deepali Syed has given new air to the politics of the state. She tweeted, “Great to hear that Uddhav Sahab and Shinde Sahab will meet for the first time in the next two days to discuss the sentiments of Shiv Sainiks. Shinde Sahab understood the plight of Shiv Sainiks and Uddhav Sahab assumed the role of head of the family of nobility. Played together. Thanks to BJP leaders for mediating their meeting.”

Aditya in Shinde cabinet?
A day before this, Deepali Syed had made another tweet. She had said that “Aditya sahib will soon join the cabinet. 50 Shiv Sena MLAs will appear on Matoshree. Respected Uddhav sahib and Shinde sahib will be united. Shivsena is not a faction but a bastion of Hindutva. Saffron will always be waving over it.”

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