‘Any king is powerless without its warriors’: Taapsee Pannu takes a dig at Baba Ramdev for his statement mocking doctors

Baba Ramdev is in discussion these days because of his statement on doctors. For this, Ramdev has to face criticism from the doctors group as well as the people. Ramdev said that the doctors are dying even after taking both the doses of vaccine. He had raised questions on doctors capability. Now a tweet of actress Taapsee Pannu has come out, in which she has praised the doctors.

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Did Taapsee Pannu target Ramdev?

Reacting to the same, actress Taapsee Pannu took a subtle dig without naming the yoga guru and praised the doctors for their selfless service amid the ongoing pandemic. Taapsee wrote “So much for people we stood and clapped in our balconies for almost a year back. So much for people the sky was turned colourful for a year back. Any king is powerless without its warriors #CoronaWarriors”

Ramdev’s statement on social media is getting a lot of criticism from people. People are calling Ramdev insensitive towards doctors.

What did Ramdev say?

In his yoga practice program, Ramdev had commented, “One thousand doctors died after getting both doses of covid vaccine. What kind of doctor he is if he is not able to save oneself? If you want to be a doctor, then be like Swami Ramdev who does not have a degree but he is everyone’s doctor… without any degree… with divinity… with dignity I am a doctor…. ’’

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