‘Anpadh PM’ trends after Arvind Keriwal’s latest attack on PM Modi’s degree

Anpadh PM trends: Recently, Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been consistently targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his educational qualifications. In a press conference held on Saturday, Kejriwal reiterated the importance of education for the country’s Prime Minister. He criticized PM Modi’s statements, saying that an educated individual would not suggest extracting gas from a drain or assume that a radar cannot detect objects behind clouds. Kejriwal expressed his concerns that PM Modi lacks scientific knowledge.

Referring to the decision of the Gujarat High Court, Kejriwal said, “The country is in shock after the ruling prohibited people from questioning the educational qualifications of the Prime Minister.” Kejriwal further said that being educated or illiterate is not a crime, and poverty often prevents people from receiving education. He went on to reference the Prime Minister’s statements in Canada, where he allegedly dismissed climate change and made light of a serious issue. Kejriwal questioned whether the Prime Minister was truly educated given such statements.

Kejriwal highlighted the significance of the Prime Minister’s daily decisions and emphasized that if the Prime Minister fails to read them, officials may sign them without proper review. He went on to cite past decisions such as demonetization, the implementation of GST, and the recent agricultural laws, which have negatively impacted the economy. Kejriwal expressed concerns about the closure of 60,000 schools in recent years and stressed that education is essential for a country’s progress. He further stated that the High Court’s recent ruling has fueled doubts about the Prime Minister’s education, adding that if the degree is genuine, why has it not been made public? Kejriwal speculated that perhaps the degree is being hidden out of arrogance, and the public is left wondering if the degree is even legitimate.

Soon after Kegriwal’s press conference, ‘anpadh pm’ started trending on Twitter. Several netizens demanded PM Modi’s degree be made public. Checkout some of the tweets:

‘Anpadh PM’ trends on twitter

On Friday, the Gujarat High Court fined Kejriwal Rs 25,000, claiming that he had used the court’s time to gain publicity. Kejriwal had previously requested information regarding the educational qualifications of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Furthermore, the court stated that there is no obligation for the Prime Minister’s degree to be disclosed to the public, and the PMO has been informed of this decision.