Anna Hazare cancels his indefinite fast against farm laws after meeting BJP leaders

Social activist Anna Hazare has changed his plan to fast against agricultural laws. Anna Hazare gave this information in the presence of BJP leader and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Anna Hazare told reporters, “I have been agitating over many issues for a long time. Performing peacefully is not a crime…. I have been raising the issue of farmers for the last three years… The farmers do not get the right price for their crops, so they are forced to commit suicide… The government has decided to increase the MSP for the farmers, I have come to know. ”

He further added, “Since the government has assured to work on these 15 points (Anna’s demands for the farmers), I have canceled the fast.” Earlier this month, 83-year-old Hazare wrote to PM Modi that he would begin his last fast of his life at the end of this month.

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He told reporters that the movement of farmers opposing agricultural laws in Delhi lacked democratic values. Anna Hazare had asked the Central Government for permission to fast in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan. But no reply was received in the case.

Anna Hazare was to start his last fast from Jan 30

Let us tell you that social activist Anna Hazare had announced that he will start an indefinite fast in his village Ralegaon Siddhi in Maharashtra on Saturday against the new agricultural laws of the central government. He said in a statement released on Thursday, “I have been demanding reforms in the agricultural sector, but the Center does not appear to be taking the right decisions.”

Hazare had said, “The Center is not very sensitive about farmers, that’s why I am starting an indefinite fast in my village from January 30”. In view of this, do not congregate in his village located in Ahmednagar district.

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