Anjana Om Kashyap again had a dry throat in front of Rakesh Tikait, Farmer leader leaves anchor in silence with his reply

All the big media of the country are seen playing the role like the spokespersons of the government. For which they are also being insulted from time to time. This time, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait shut down the beak of ‘Godi’ anchor Anjana Om Kashyap with his sharp answer. Even Anjana faltered in speaking because of Tikait’s reply.

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During the ongoing live debate on Aaj Tak, Anjana Om Kashyap asked Tikait that if you are going to UP, will you question Yogi-Modi in UP? In response, Tikait said, “If you don’t speak against them, will you speak against Congress? Since they are in power, only they will be spoken against. If you don’t ask them questions, then whom will you ask?”

After this Tikait said, “Who will increase the price of MSP? Whose responsibility is this? Is it the responsibility of the opposition? No, you tell me who has been able to do all this, when they are sitting in power.” Hearing this answer of Tikait, Anjana Kashyap, who considered herself to be a big face of journalism, stopped speaking.

This is not the first time that Anjana Om Kashyap has had to face her question, even before this, Anjana has had to be insulted live many times. You will also remember that when Anjana went to the US, along with herself, the entire journalism fraternity had been blown away. Just yesterday, Jeetu Patwari had slammed Anjana.

Let us tell you that since the announcement of the withdrawal of three agricultural laws, all the ‘Godi’ anchors of TV are running into trouble. Devoted journalists like Sudhir Chaudhary, Sushant Sinha, Deepak Chaurasia, Navika Kumar have lost their sleepless nights.

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