‘Anjana Modi Murdabad’: Aaj Tak anchor faces public outrage while reporting on Bihar’s new political turnaround

‘Anjana Modi Murdabad’: Aaj Tak anchor Anjana Om Kashyap has found herself at the centre of public ridicule once again while reporting on 9 August about the new political development in Bihar.

Kashyap was in Bihar to report on the sudden political turmoil that took place after Bihar CM Nitish Kumar shocked everyone on Tuesday by ending its alliance with the BJP in Bihar and stepped down as Chief Minister of the state.

Little did Anjana realise that she would have to face considerable anger for the alleged biases of her and her employer, the Indian Today group, in favour of the BJP.

In a viral video shared by netizens, Kashyap can be seen standing by a road while people are raising slogans like “Godi Media Murdabad…Anjana Modi Murdabad” against the anchor. Kashyap could do nothing but smile.

Aaj Tak and other TV channels have long been mocked for being Godi Media for their alleged biased coverage in favour of the BJP. Anjana started trending on Twitter soon after and people have been roasting her with memes.

Here are the reactions that have been floating around on social media:

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