Angry over Zee News, Republic and Aaj Tak, farmers, said – We will not give interviews to these channels which show lies

Angry farmers are on the streets against the new agricultural law. They have been protesting against the Modi government on the border of Delhi for 6 consecutive days with their demands.

Efforts are also being made to discredit these movements by some media organizations. Against which the farmers have opened a front now.

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The farmers have made it clear that they will not allow the channels that defame them to cover the movement. A video of farmers protesting against the media has also surfaced. In which farmers are seen holding some placards in their hands.

Zee News, Republic TV and Aaj Tak have been described as ‘Godi media’ on these placards. Also, these channels have been told not to cover the movement, saying it is fake media.

In the video, a farmer can be heard saying that these three channels are trying to discredit their movement. These are the ‘Godi Media’, which can never show the truth.

In the video, the farmer says that these channels showed that the farmers tried to crush the policeman on a flywheel jam. While this is absolutely untrue, the farmers are being anchored here, in which policemen also eat.

The farmer further said that these channels have crossed the limit of shamelessness, so I appeal to all the farmer brothers not to give their interviews to these three channels. Boycott these channels altogether.

This video of farmers boycotting ‘Godi Media’ has been shared by journalist Vinod Kapri on Twitter.

He wrote, “It is sad to hear all this”. At the same time, journalist Abhisar Sharma also wrote this video retweeting, “The ‘Godi media’ also has to decide its” minimum fall price “. How low you will fall?

Let us tell you that earlier Aajtak’s reporter and cameraman had to face the anger of the farmers on the Singhu border of Haryana. The farmers then surrounded Aaj Tak and its cameraman, accusing Aaj Tak of running false news. After which the reporter and cameraman had to leave.

4 thoughts on “Angry over Zee News, Republic and Aaj Tak, farmers, said – We will not give interviews to these channels which show lies

  1. The media is supposed to cover news in a balanced manner by picking up comments and actions from both the parties involved. Media is not doing its duty and running the show as sponsored – appatent from there coverage or NO coverage at all.
    Presently the event is being covered across the world by numerous channels some of them in Punjabi. India news channels are doing disservice to themselves. With few more such instances thesexchannels will loss any credibility they may have made till now.

  2. Farmers are fully justified in their protest and the Government has but a ‘Hobson’s Choice’ to grant their demands or not. Disgraceful to say the least as the powers that are are only interested in the ‘VoteBank’ and nothing else. What goes around must come around. Nemesis is just around the corner.

  3. Godi media are shameless, out of spreading hatred, false news, twisted news, maligned news, what they earn is lowlier moral value than a pimps earlings, they are the burden on society, a liability on the nation

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