Angry over not able to win MLC election, BJP leader thrashed CITY SP in front of MLAs, Watch video

The hooliganism of the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party is speaking up. BJP leaders are trampling the police by keeping the law in their hands.

In Jhansi, BJP leader Pradeep Saraogi’s hooliganism has increased so much that he beat Jhansi City SP Vivek Tripathi by holding his collar. Not only this, the BJP leader beat City SP of Jhansi by rolling him down.

During this time many BJP MLAs were present there with Pradeep Saraogi, but not a single MLA came in the middle. A BJP leader was beating a city SP in front of the MLAs and they were watching as a mute spectators.

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Actually, BJP was losing in the Jhansi MLC elections and the Samajwadi Party candidate was leading. Seeing his defeat close, BJP leaders from all over Jhansi were agitated.

After the first preference, in the second preference also, the SP candidate Man Singh was ahead of the BJP candidate, two BJP MLAs reached the counting venue and started creating the ruckus.

When the police tried to stop them, they instead started beating the police in their drunk with power. It seemed as if these were not leaders but goons. They snatched the stick of policemen and started beating them.

The BJP leaders created this ruckus when the Samajwadi Party won the Jhansi MLC seat and the BJP saw their defeat.

Now it can be guessed from this that the BJP leaders who are not afraid of beating City SP in front of the huge police force, what they will be doing to the common citizens!

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