Angelina Jolie joined Instagram to speak about the plight of Afghans suffering from human rights violations

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has debuted on Instagram. The actress has made her Insta debut and shared her first post on a letter from a girl from Afghanistan. She has given a powerful message by sharing the letter sent to him by the girl from Afghanistan. Millions of people have seen and liked this post of his in 24 hours.

Sharing the letter of the girl from Afghanistan, Angelina wrote, ‘This is the letter that was sent to me by a teenage girl from Afghanistan. At present, the people of Afghanistan are losing the ability to communicate and speak freely on social media. That’s why I came on Instagram to show their stories and be the voice of people around the world who are fighting for humanity right now.’

Angelina Jolie expressed pain

Angelina has further expressed her grief over the situation in Afghanistan in this post and appealed to the people to support this fight. She writes- ‘Two weeks before 9/11, I was on the border of Afghanistan, where I met Afghan refugees who had fled the Taliban. This is 20 years ago. It is heartbreaking to see Afghans fleeing their homes due to fear and uncertainty. To waste so much time and money, to see the bloodshed, to see the loss of many lives, is a failure which is impossible to understand.

For decades it is sad to see Afghans as refugees, one of the most capable people in the world, treated as a burden. Knowing that they have the means and the respect, how much they can do for themselves. And meeting so many women, girls who wanted to study but also fought for it.

‘I will not show my back to those who are committed for this cause. I will keep looking for ways to help them. And I hope you will also support me in this.

Taliban occupation of Afghanistan

The emotional post of the Afghan girl shared by Angelina Jolie has touched the hearts of many. It is known that on August 15, where the 75th year of independence was being celebrated in India, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country to the UAE. After the occupation of Taliban, there has been an atmosphere of panic among the people of Afghanistan, people are running away from the country. There is an atmosphere of chaos everywhere in Afghanistan.

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