Andrew Tye wonders how IPL franchises spending so much when people are not finding hospitals

Rajasthan Royals pacer Andrew Tye, who left for Australia midway the IPL in the wake of COVID-19 surge in India, was critical of the franchises spending insane money on cricket at a time when their country is facing an unprecedented health crisis

Although many other foreign players had withdrawn their names from the IPL citing personal reasons and had gone back to their country, but Andrew Tye’s case looks different. Andrew has told the media the exact reason for withdrawing from the IPL. This fast bowler was surprised that when so many Covid cases are increasing in the country, when people are dying of lack of medical facilities, how can franchisees spend so much money on cricket during such time.

Andrew Tye says that ‘how can these companies, franchisees and the government spend so much money on IPL at a time when people are not even getting to the hospital for treatment.’

This was the main reason for Andrew Tye’s returning

Andrew Tye told the media that due to the rapid increase in Corona cases in India, those returning from India to Perth are being kept separate. Now such cases are increasing and Tye was also worried that in the coming time his country should not stop the entry of those coming from India.

Talking to Sen Radio, Tye said that the main reason for his return to home is that cases of people returning from India in his hometown Perth have increased in the hotels. The Perth administration is trying to reduce the number of people entering Western Australia to reduce the risk of spreading the corona infection. Tye also said that it would be right to leave for house before the entry of people from India into his country is banned. Tye has been out of the bubble for only 11 days and being in the bubble makes him tired so he wanted to reach his house as soon as possible.

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This fast bowler, who was bought by Rajasthan Royals for 1 crore, also made it clear after questioning the IPL that what he said are his personal views. He also respects the views of other people. Talking to, he said that some people believe that the continuation of the IPL would relieve the stress of the people or give a glimpse of hope, such as the light across the tunnel. If that’s really the case then I think this tournament should continue. But I agree that there is not a way of thinking for everyone and I respect everyone’s views.

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