Anchor Amish Devgan and BJP spokesperson clashed in a heated debate in News18 India

In the live debate show of Hindi news channel ‘News 18 India’, a sudden debate started between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia and anchor Amish Devgan, whose video is now becoming very viral on social media and people are also giving their reaction to the video. At the same time, while sharing this video, Youth Congress National President BV Srinivas has also taunted.

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In the live debate, Gaurav Bhatia said that Amish Devgan did not give him time to speak and when he got the time, Amish kept interrupting him. To counter Gaurav Bhatia’s allegations, Amish Devgan was seen saying, “Gaurav Ji, I will have to speak in the middle as I have to ask questions. You are getting your time but you feel that you are not getting.” To this Gaurav Bhatia says – ‘You keep quiet.’ Then Amish replies – I am quiet, you keep your point. Why are you blaming me to hide the weakness of your party? Then Gaurav Bhatia replies – there is no weakness in the party.

The video of this part of the TV debate is now becoming very viral on social media, on which users are also giving their reactions fiercely. Youth Congress National President BV Srinivas also shared this video and called it a ‘domestic quarrel’.

Commenting on the Congress leader’s post, a user wrote, “Srinivas bhai this is not a domestic quarrel, sometimes we have to do such gimmicks to show that we do not favor anyone.” Another user wrote, “It’s not a domestic fight, brother! A servant is publicly tortured by the master. I request the labor minister that action should be taken against the atrocities on the servant.

Another wrote, “When the laborer does not do the prescribed work properly even after getting the wages, then the contractor will be angry because the contractor also has to answer to the owner.” Let us tell you that, in the same way, all the users are giving their reactions while commenting on this video.

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