Amit Shah is visiting, keep doors and windows of houses closed: Ahmedabad Police

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is on Gujarat tour. Today (Sunday, 11 July) he arrived at a community hall in Vejalpur area. Meanwhile, the Ahmedabad Police wrote a strange letter to the housing societies. The police in Ahmedabad’s Vejalpur area on Sunday asked the people residing there to shut down their windows and doors facing a community hall that will be inaugurated by Union Minister for Home Amit Shah.

Amit Shah came here at 11 am to inaugurate the party’s community hall. The police had written letters to the presidents of other societies including Swaminarayan and Swati Apartments of Vejalpur.

“As the Union Home Minister Amit Shah is arriving here to inaugurate the Vejalpur community hall and as the dignitary is protected with a Z+ security, looking at the security reasons, we request every residents to shut down their windows and doors facing the hall from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday,” said the letter from Odedra to the residents.

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The Police have confirmed that they had sent such letters to the housing societies in which it was written that the windows and doors of the adjacent buildings should be kept closed where Amit Shah and the VIP guests will pass through. People were asked to remain locked in their homes from 10 am to 1 pm.

Police officer LT Odedara has disclosed this. According to him, the people of the society were requested to keep the windows and doors closed. It is not that this request was made only because of the arrival of Amit Shah. Whenever a VIP person has such an arrival, we make such a request. We may face obstacles in this from the local residents. Therefore, there is no reason to assume that the arrival of Union Minister Amit Shah has caused inconvenience to the people or that they have any grievance regarding this matter.

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