Amit Shah drinks water worth Rs 850 per bottle: Goa BJP Minister Ravi Naik

Amit Shah drinks water worth Rs 850: Goa Agriculture Minister Ravi Naik on Tuesday said that Union Home Minister Amit Shah was given a bottle of ‘mineral water’ worth Rs 850 during his visit to Goa and brought it from a town located about 10 km from Panaji.

Naik referred to this costly purchase to emphasize on rainwater harvesting in Goa and explained how water will become a scarce and precious resource in future.

Addressing an event in South Goa, Naik said, “When Amit Shah was in Goa (for the February assembly election campaign), he asked for a bottle of Himalaya (brand) water. Then it was brought from Mapusa (about 10 km from Panaji).” He said the ‘mineral water’ bought for Shah is Rs 850 per bottle.

Naik said, “The price of mineral water bottles available in 5 star hotels ranges between Rs 150 to Rs 160. Water has become so expensive.”

Former Goa Chief Minister Naik has in the past insisted on building dams on rivers to store water. He said that it can be sold to Gulf countries in exchange for fuel.

“The government can build dams all over the state, wherever there are mountains and can store water,” he said, warning that people will fight for water scarcity in future.

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