Amidst horrors of Russia-Ukraine War, President Zelensky was seen posing for Vogue magazine with his wife

Amidst the horrors of the Russian-Ukraine War, President Zelensky was seen posing for Vogue magazine when people did not like his move. He was heavily criticized on social media. It’s been 5 months since Russia and Ukraine war. Thousands of people have died. In these difficult moments, President Zelensky stood with the people of his country. For this he also got the applause of the people of his country. But Zelensky’s recent move has drawn criticism for him.

Ukraine has suffered heavy losses due to Russian attacks. In such a situation, Zelensky has posed for the fashion magazine Vogue amidst the pictures of the devastation of the war. In these, President Zelensky is seen with Ukraine’s First Lady Olena. These photos have been taken for the online edition of Vogue Magazine. In these pictures, Zelensky is seen with his wife in different poses. In one picture, Olena is seen with Ukrainian soldiers.

President Zelensky was seen posing for Vogue magazine with his wife

However, when the battle started, Zelensky’s courage and bravery were being praised all over the world. It is said that behind a famous person is a woman’s hand and behind Zelensky’s sharp attitude is the hand of his wife Olena.

44-year-old Olena was once strongly against her husband’s political career, but then she supported her husband during the campaign. During the last three years of Zelensky’s tenure, she has been serving as the First Lady of Ukraine.

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Zelensky and Olena studied in the same school. By the way, Olena met Zelensky while studying at the university. Olena has studied architect. He also showed interest in writing. It is said that Zelensky was a comedian before politics and at that time his script writer used to be his wife Olena.

Olenna has never been in the spotlight for the past several decades. She kept supporting her husband silently. In difficult times, she was seen trying to keep up the spirit of not only her husband but also the people of Ukraine.

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